About Kingfisher

At Kingfisher, we like creating answers for design, branding, proposals and campaigns. It’s what makes us tick.

Since 1998 we’ve been delivering a winning combination of fresh, creative ideas and superior service to our local, interstate and international clients. In 2012, we amalgamated with Brisbane design firm, Artshak Design, to grow our capacity and skills, then did so again in 2015 with Melbourne firm Rojay, adding the critical service of SEO (improving your Google ranking). All of Kingfisher’s SEO is done onshore in our Melbourne office, making us one of the very firms that doesn’t offshore this work to Asia.

We believe in honesty, integrity, and above all making the whole process, from creative brief to delivery, a pleasant experience tied to a successful outcome. We have a broad range of services and experience to draw upon but the bottom line is this - we can deliver what you need, when you need it and within a budget that’s agreed upon.

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  • We do what we say
  • Fast turnaround
  • Quality design
  • Value for money
  • All work done on-shore
  • Return on investment
  • Best advice, first time every time

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To make a splash for our clients. To help them build their business by cutting through the noise and getting the jump on their competitors. We’re not about making pretty pictures, we’re about helping our clients sell their products and achieve their goals.

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  • World-class brands
  • High calibre websites that sell
  • Guaranteed SEO results
  • Staff that only promise what they can deliver
  • A company that understands that the only way we win, is if you win

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Our team


Rohan JohnsonOwner

    Rohan has enjoyed a varied career with roles in management, business development and creative directorship. He has a wealth of experience in marketing strategy and execution, brand building and website design.

Rohan Johnson

Mary QuadeQld Creative Director

    A naturally talented soul, Mary brings her considerable creative clout to Kingfisher Creative, working on new concepts, looking after regular clients, writing copy, taking photos and even venturing where less adventurous designers will go, on a mission to make our clients look great in everything they produce. 

Mary Quade

Kati WoodsUK Creative Director

    Kati has a wealth of experience in design, advertising, management and public relations. With a strength for branding and concept development, Kati produces digital and print design that is second-to-none.

Kati Woods

Andrew ShieldsSenior Web Developer

    Like a really tall and slightly scruffy ninja, Andrew is our secret web assassin. He’s been an integral part of Kingfisher for many years, and is an html samurai of the highest order - defeating evil code and putting websites on the path of righteousness on a daily basis.

Andrew Shields

Sean Stallan-StritchSenior Graphic Designer

    The work-out king of the office, Sean loves taking every design brief we can throw at him and lobbing it back with style while he tries not to swallow his earbud cord. He’s also a wicked illustrator and social commentator.

Sean Stallan-Stritch

Murthy TadimetiSEO Manager

    Murthy has more than 7 years SEO experience successfully managing over 100 global clients across 18 different languages. Murthy is a good team player who is committed to staying on top of the latest technologies.

Murthy Tadimeti

Renae OxenbridgeGraphic Designer

    Renae has been working in the design industry for 5+ years and brings with her experience across a large range of web & print services. She is passionate about design, and loves to ensure that every detail is just right. She is always looking for ways to expand her creativity, and explore new areas of design.

Renae Oxenbridge

Lynne StuartContent Writer

    As a content writer and designer, Lynne likes to exercise both her visual and ‘wordy’ sides in creative ways. She delights in finding just the right words to express something, and is an extremely nit-picky member of the grammar police. She enjoys the challenges of learning about the businesses that she writes about, creating content that speaks to people, and trying to run.

Lynne Stuart

Our Net Promoter Score

Kingfisher 89

Net Promoter Score is a method of measuring customer satisfaction used by many of the biggest companies in the world. An NPS score of 50 is rated on the scale as excellent. 75 or above is rated as World Class. Here’s how we currently stack up. Thanks to all of our wonderful clients who continue to give us feedback. It’s fervently taken on-board and we’re constantly striving to be better at everything we do. Your feedback plays a huge part in how we operate so thank you. Also if you’d like to know more about NPS and how you could perhaps implement it in your business, give Rohan a call on 0418 359 234.