Finley Regional Care Brand Refresh


Finley Regional Care’s logo was in dire need of a refresh. The colours were dull and uninviting, and the typography and iconography were not of the calibre that was appropriate for a business the size and sophistication of Finley Regional Care. In short, the logo was underselling the business, and there was also the issue of the company having merely logo, when what it needed was a brand.


We started with a more professional typographic choice, but also one that was modern. We added to this a colour palette that differentiated the business from its competitors, and also gave the brand (and business) a feeling of modernity and energy. We developed the ‘better tomorrow’ brand position which has dual meanings, in terms of the prospects for patients, but also the drive and goals of the facility itself. Finally we developed the iconography, taking our cue from local flora, but also wanting to weave in aspects of community, outreach and growth.

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Finley Regional Care Brand Refresh Before
Finley Regional Care Brand Refresh After