5 design tips and tricks to improve your website

5 design tips and tricks to improve your website

Leaving a good impression on visitors is crucial for your website’s success. If you’re struggling with website traffic, bounce rates and conversion rates, improving the design of your website should be at the top of the priority list. From using the right imagery to including the right social channels, there are endless ways to optimise your site. Here are 5 web design tips to improve your website to give your visitors a reason to come back.

Keep it fresh and use a minimalistic approach

Great websites keep their design simple without going over the top. With so many design options, you may feel the need to splash a dynamic colour range. Too many colours can leave your website looking messy and disorganised. Use a limited palette consisting of a main, accent and neutral colour to reduce the risk of overwhelming visitors. A great way to reduce website clutter is to leave plenty of white space. This approach will give your website a clean aesthetic and make navigation easier for users.

Use high quality photos to show professionalism

Incorporating high quality visuals in your web design will improve your website’s authenticity. These visuals can come in the form of photos or videos and offer your site diversified content. Including personal photos of staff members can improve genuineness and build user trust. Make sure these photos look great, as low quality images have a massive impact on user perception. Investing in professional photography is a smart idea and will ensure your website stands out. 

Make it fast and easy for visitors to navigate

Having a quick and easy website to use is beneficial for website visitors. If your site takes too long to load, it won’t be user-friendly. Online users have a tendency to become impatient, and they will leave sites that load slowly. Visitors need to be able to navigate around your website with ease. If users struggle to find what they want, they are more likely to leave than continue searching.  

Include effective calls to action (CTA) to increase conversion rates

Many sites have CTAs, however successful websites will have designers who know how to use them effectively. Professional websites have a range of CTA buttons that trigger urgency, such as subscribe, buy now, book an appointment or sign up. Using effective CTAs can also increase conversions, making it easier for users to know exactly where they want to go. Ensure your website’s CTAs are consistent by putting them on important pages, such as blog posts, home pages and feature pages.

Ensure your website looks great on all devices

There is nothing worse than browsing a website that lacks responsiveness on your phone. Whether it’s text that’s too big or small, or even a slow website, users will be heading for the exits if your site isn’t mobile friendly. More users are using a range of devices to access the internet, making mobile search a crucial source for conversions. Ensuring your website can respond in a high performing manner is crucial for user experience.

Having a low performing website in the digital age can have many negative impacts on your brand. The team at Kingfisher offer a range of inspiring and creative ideas that can help you get your website looking like a professional masterpiece. For more information about our superior services, get in touch with Rohan on 0418 359 234.

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