Ad Retargeting

Ad Retargeting


Ad Retargeting (sometimes called remarking) is a system whereby once a visitor comes to your website, ads for your services/products follows them around the web. This is an incredibly useful tool to help you stay ‘top of mind’ with prospects while they’re comparative shopping you against your competitors, and moving through the buying cycle.

Whilst there’s a small investment (typically around $800) to setup an Ad Retargeting campaign because the ads have to be designed, proofed and ok’d, but then multiple versions of the ads have to be produced so that a size exists for almost any scenario on any site selling ad space. The Ad Retargeting campaign also has to be setup and activated. But once that’s done, most clients pay very little per week for the service.

The ad retargeting service is based on impressions, so this is tied to your site traffic and how active your prospects are after they leave your site. But like AdWords, you can put a cap on the spend, but for most clients this is unnecessary as they pay only $10-$15 a week for retargeting.

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