Top 6 branding mistakes to avoid

Top 6 branding mistakes to avoid

Strong branding is no walk in the park. Many hours of creative, intricate and articulate work go into developing brands that tell a unique story. Strong brands such as Nike, IBM, and Google have become famous for finding ways to connect with their customers. Businesses who struggle to connect with customers usually face problems due to avoidable branding mistakes. Here are some of the most common branding mistakes businesses make and how to avoid them.

Inconsistent approach to identity

This is the number one branding mistake most businesses make. Inconsistent branding can leave customers with more questions than answers and can eventually make them lose interest. Businesses should incorporate brand guidelines to build a consistent approach. These guidelines define what your business is about and how it stands out from the crowd. This is everything from the use of your logo, colour schemes, advertising, web design and messaging strategies.

Lack of commitment to branding

Businesses need to commit to their branding strategies. Strong brands tend to intertwine through every part of how a business operates. This includes how a business creates and sells a product, interaction with customers, and how issues are dealt with. It’s crucial for businesses to stick to their value proposition to ensure customers know what sets them apart from the rest. Businesses who fail to commit to branding will find it harder to develop long term connections with prospects and customers.

Following trends and fads

Trends come and go, and most don’t stick around for long. A good notion to go by is that trends are temporary, longevity is everlasting. It’s important for businesses to build a brand that can stand the test of time. Successful brands stick with original logos and messages for many decades. A good example is Coca Cola and Nike, these brands have stuck with similar strategies throughout their history. Businesses can find more value if they incorporate trends into packaging, social media and web design.

Taking on a shallow style

A brand is much more than just a logo. Many people think that branding starts and stops with a logo, when in reality there is much more going on. A brand is everything from visuals, messaging, web design, and the way you interact with other stakeholders. Strong branding uses powerful tactics to develop a recognisable image with customers. This means businesses need to showcase the depth of their brand, creating a clear distinction from competition. Developing messaging strategies for different social media channels is a great way to represent the many aspects of a brand.

Ignoring the value of customer connection

Customers are what makes the wheels turn for your business. Each business forms a unique connection with their customers, and this relationship should be part of all branding strategies. Incorporating the value of customer connection into a brand will build a sense of trust and loyalty. Another mistake is to ignore public opinion. Business should always be willing to improve the connection with customers to understand them better.

Thinking you can D.I.Y

Branding is complex. You simply cannot do it well if you D.I.Y (or use the lowest bidder). You might think you’ve saved a few dollars, but unless you’ve spent decades as a creative director there’s simply too much you don’t know. Unless you strike it cosmically lucky and find a branding savant at the local university, you’re most likely going to end up with a very poor result, and worse, be unaware of just how poor it is and the ramifications of using it. The few dollars you saved will be quickly forgotten, however the poor brand that you’ve paid for will continue to cost you money for decades. Branding is an artform. Treat it as such, talk to a professional, and ensure your brand is an asset, not a liability.

Businesses can run into many challenges and uphill battles when they face problems with their brands. At Kingfisher, we have developed a strong reputation for finding branding solutions for businesses across a range of industries. Whether it’s a creating an iconic brand from scratch, or rebranding, Kingfisher can help. For more information, get in touch with Rohan on 07 4637 8893.

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