COLIN - Brand Mascot

The Brief

Western Downs Regional Council required a comic character to be the interactive face of the Council Intranet. Called COLIN for Council OnLine IntraNet, the character had to be friendly, personable and also technological. He had to sit well with the current branding style and convey a progressive and positive attitude.

Our creative process

We started with conceptual sketches of various robot forms to determine COLIN’s shape. These were then refined through client consultation. COLIN was then created as vector art and we applied colours from the client’s brand palette, together with various blends to suggest COLIN’s metallic finish. The approved COLIN was supplied in several formats which are now part of the Council intranet system.

The outcome

Good graphic design blends the science of communication and the creativity of visual art to effectively promote corporate identity, services and products by being innovative, honest, intuitive, aesthetic, functional and thorough.

Words from the client

"For the many years that Kingfisher Creative has been a preferred graphic designer for Western Downs Regional Council, they have demonstrated these qualities and more to produce a range of corporate communication material to reinforce and grow Council’s corporate identity.

I highly recommend Kingfisher Creative for their professional ability to problem solve and communicate an idea visually by making it memorable, eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing."
- Catherine Turner, Communication and Marketing Coordinator - Western Downs Regional Council

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COLIN - Brand Mascot COLIN - Brand Mascot Scamp