Vanguard Laundry Brand Collateral & Website


Create a corporate brand that was clean and professional to appeal to supporters and high profile sponsors, fresh and responsible to capture business and clientele, and yet friendly and approachable to represent the social enterprise side as a point of difference.


One of the major aims of Vanguard Laundry Services is to create a fresh start and opportunities for people in the workforce. This social enterprise side matches well with the clean fresh feel that is also wanted for laundry. We opted for blues and greens to represent water and environmental practices, teemed with a soft bubble graphic to represent the laundering. All of this was then kept within open, clean space layouts to appeal to corporates and sponsors of the social enterprise component.

Kingfisher has helped deliver: logo; stationery; signage; vehicle wraps; sponsorships packs; brochures; invitations, reports, digital and print templates; and a website.

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Vanguard Laundry Brand Collateral & Website Vanguard Laundry Brand Collateral & Website Scamp